BM Group Ltd. is located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We offer the world’s best brands according to market. In addition to this, we can offer our brands , BM PARTS® , BM AVIATION ®.

Our Management system is ISO Certified.

  • BM Parts is specialized in the distribution of vehicle spare parts.
  • “BM Aviation” is specialized in the distribution and marketing of aviation products and services.
The key point to our success is that we know much about the sector.

Our mission is to offer our clients the best and most efficient handling and managing of tools and services, achieving the optimum productivity out of their inventory and technical capabilities, not only for corporations but also for private owners.

We are able to give a faster and more flexible response time. Moreover, manufacturers, repair stations, distributors, etc. go beyond our frontiers, ensuring that every customer gets the best deals in the market with optimum reliability and guarantee of results.


BM Group Ltd. offers global solutions to each client’s particular needs:

We sell the world’s best brands. 

•Purchasing and selling spare parts of aviation vehicles, american vehicles, european buses , trucks and passenger cars.

•Management of tools and ground support equipment: For each repair or maintenance job, we will provide you with the right tools and support equipment.

•Inventory Management of spare parts stock: we can help you manage your inventory in our warehouse.

We fulfill our client’s requirements, no matter how difficult they are, in the fastest, most efficient and professional way.


We maintain an extensive stock to meet your immediate needs. Knowing that the success of the company is dependent upon how well they respond to their customers needs, the staff are dedicated to BM GROUP Ltd's goal of getting the customer up and running as fast as possible. We offer;

•Dedication to provide high quality products

•Unique knowledge and experience

•Committed to achieve highest standards

•Impressive customer and supplier base

•Best and reliable customer service

•Competitive prices

•Commitment to quality

•Ability to deliver internationally